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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tulip Carpet Cleaning League City, Texas is working hard to take away grout's bad reputation. People say that it is hard to keep grout clean, but we say it's easy. Just as long as you understand why it gets dirty, and the right way to keep it clean.

Grout is Porous

The materials used in grouting are very granular, and grout contains lots of little nooks and crannies. What this means is that mopping your floor will almost guarantee you dirty tile. The mopping water mixes with dirt on the floor, and then seeps into the holes in the grout, going deep down under the surface where normal cleaning can no longer touch it.

Some types of tiles also have surfaces that are not completely flat, and can collect dirt easily.

Tile Steam Cleaning

Our tile and grout steam cleaning service powers through dirt and grease to make tile gleam again. It uses pressurized water to loosen dirt from within the grout. Suction makes your all the loosened dirt is removed.

Our tile cleaning experts can accomplish in minutes what would take hours to do carefully by hand, bent over with a scrub brush. And we also recommend that you consider our tile sealing service as a follow-up to cleaning. Sealed tile and grout keeps out the dirt and mold from below the surface, so your tile floor stays cleaner longer.

Free up your weekend, and say goodbye to dark grout lines by calling 713-893-4348! Perfect for homes, businesses, and commercial locations with public restrooms.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
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